Hi! We’re so excited to have you joining us after reopening. In light of the COVID-19
pandemic, we’ve established a few rules to keep our guests and staff safe during this time.

1. We have implemented mandatory staff and guest temperature checks. Upon arriving at
work, each staff member had their temperature taken, and anyone reading over 100.0
degrees has been sent home. You can rest assured the team that is preparing and
delivering your drinks has a normal temperature.

2. We are asking the same of our guests. Upon entry to our patio, our host will take your
temperature using a contactless thermometer. Same as our staff, we are asking anyone
with a temperature reading of over 100.0 degrees to kindly go home, rest up, and come
back once they’re feeling better.

3. You must have a mask on when you enter the premises. Once seated and upon receiving your
drinks, you may remove your mask, but please put your mask on when speaking with our staff. If you need to get up from your seat for any reason, you must put your mask back on.

4. Please stay in your seats unless you absolutely need to get up. Our tables and chairs are
distanced appropriately, but we cannot ensure proper social distancing if guests are getting
up and walking around.

5. Please do not touch any of our staff members, for any reason, at any time.

6. There is no smoking on the premises. If you would like to smoke, you will have to go out in
front of the patio, 15 feet from the building.

7. You are welcome to bring your well-behaved dog to our patio (we love dogs!). The dog
must be leashed at all times.

8. You are welcome to bring your babies to our patio (we love babies too!). We kindly ask that
if you have an energetic toddler that likes to run around and climb on things, you leave
them at home.

9. Per the current city ordinance, each party will be held to a maximum seated time of 2 hours, with no more than six people per table.

Liquor sales end by 1:00 a.m. daily.

Thank you so much for understanding and abiding by our house rules. If you have any
questions, or want to know more about the practices we’ve put in place, just ask! We’re
committed to providing a healthy, safe and fun environment for our community.

© Copyright The Dandy Crown